Bookings for men, women & couples
in Cape Town, Harfield Village (Claremont)

Open Bookings Table - April 2015

Please read all the information on the How to book and the Booking Menu & Rates pages before you book. We see one student/client at a time in the studio.
Choose your day and time and email your choice (giving us additional days/times is helpful).

BOOKINGS: please email

Ma Anand Leandra pioneered tantric massage in South Africa some 10 years ago. She is director of Tantra Sacred Massageā„¢ and trains all the affiliated practitioners. She works with men, women & couples.   More info on Leandra...

Zeeka works mainly with men. Read about her here.... To book her, please email

Lotus Lily Lily works with men and women, the latter being her particular love.. To book please email  For more info, please read about her here...
News 08/04/2015

- Trainee practitioners Jason (works with men) and Dereck (works with men and women) are available for reduced rate sessions as part of their practicum.
- Leandra: having recovered fully from her major surgery, Leandra is focussing more on consultations and giving the occasional massage.
- Dereck is available for deep tissue massages which he gives from our studio. He is our in-house massage therapist,

XXX = Personal free time - cannot be booked.
BOOKED = Unconfirmed bookings. New bookings are possible until the booking is confirmed.
BOOKED = Confirmed bookings.

Date                     10/10.30am                            2/2.30pm 6.30pm
Wed 8th April BOOKED (Leandra)
Thur 9th April BOOKED (Lily) BOOKED (Zeeka)
Fri 10th  April BOOKED (Lily) from 12pm
Sat 11th  April
Sun 12th  April BOOKED (Lily)
Mon 13th  April XXX (Studio cleaning day) XXX (Studio cleaning day & training) XXX (Training)
Tues 15th  April BOOKED (Zeeka)
Wed 15th  April
Thur 16th  April BOOKED (Leandra)
Fri 17th  April   
Sat 18th  April  
Sun 19th April

Celebrate Tantra MeetUp (Click on link for details).  
Tantric breath-work workshop with Ma Anand Leandra, one of SA's most experienced and  knowledgeable Tantra facilitators.

3 pm - 6 pm in Claremont. Everyone is welcome - please register on the MeetUp page and RSVP YES!
Mon 20th April   XXX (Studio cleaning day) XXX (Studio cleaning day)
Tues 21st  April
Wed 22nd  April
Thur 23rd  April
Fri 24th  April
Sat 25th  April
Sun 26th  April
Mon 27 April  
Tues 28h  April
Wed 29h April
Thur 30th April